Saturday, July 24, 2010

We'll Take

We’ll take our fights with them,
We’ll go as group to stop them,
We’ll return our slain rights (territories),
With all force we’ll push them out,
By the weapon of truth,
We’ll free the land of frees,
We’ll return the pureness of islam to al-quds,
After our weakness humiliation,
We’ll carry on bring down their fortresses,
With strong sound that will scare them,
We’ll erase our humiliation by our own hand,
With all force we’ll stop them,
We never accept a slain part of our land,
We’ll never leave out a bit of our land
for them to humiliate us with,
The earth will burst in flame and burn them,
In earth there volcanoes that are boiling,
With all force we’ll push them ....!!!

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